Weekend in Blekinge, Sweden

Weekend in Blekinge, Sweden

Although most southern Europe was engulfed in an unbearable heat wave, here in the north the summer never arrived. In fact, a few days ago I read on a news page that it was the worst summer in Sweden in 155 years.

I can not complain much, we enjoyed sun and heat in Kenya and beach in Zanzibar and in fact a sunny Iceland too. I spent the rest of the summer working, so the bad weather did not bother me much, in fact, I almost preferred it, so it was not so hard to go to work.

Sunnier days in Zanzibar

But not everything is bad, a great advantage of this rainy summer is that there are many mushrooms! You can go to any forest and you will see many types of mushrooms both edible and poisonous, and you must be very careful when identifying them. We only know two types that are edible and that we fortunately found.

There is a type of mushroom that in Swedish is called Kantarell which is very popular and which I had never tried (or heard of) until I came to Sweden. This type of mushroom generally grows in northern Europe and especially in Sweden. It’s delicious! Nothing to do with the boring champignon mushroom, which I also like, but does not compare with the intense taste.

I’ve heard that this type of mushroom is very difficult (some even say impossible) to grow because it needs a certain type of tree around because it grows from its roots, is only available from July to October, and is usually picked by hand. This combination makes them a very expensive type! Generally the kilo is between 15 to 20 euros. So it is an immense happiness for the Swedes when they find many of these delicious mushrooms in the middle of the forest.

We found very few when Mattias and I went to a forest here in Skåne, in southern Sweden.

But this weekend we decided to go a little further north, to another region of Sweden called Blekinge where there are many forests and therefore many mushrooms.

Our friends, Martin and Helena invited us to their family cabin in Bökevik. It is a very nice cabin, right in front of the water and surrounded by forest where you can usually find deer, wild boar and more.

We also found blackberries and blueberries, which we happily picked and ate during our search for kantareller.

The type of forest where the kantarell grows, has a lot of moss and a certain type of trees that I do not remember what they are called.

With the effort of 4 people and after at least 1 hour and a half, we decided that we had enough to make us at least one sandwich each.

I swear they are super delicious!, if anyone knows how they are called in English or if you have ever heard of them, tell me! I want to recommend them to my family.

The rest of Saturday we played board games, drank wine by the fire pit and enjoyed the amazing sunset.

No doubt Sweden is a beautiful and very interesting country ❤️


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