CUBA: Varadero

CUBA: Varadero

After a colourful and interesting drive from Havana to Varadero, we finally reached our Hotel, which was the Barcelo Solymar Arenas Blancas. We stayed here mainly because I was working at the Barcelo in Mexico and got a little bit of discount. It is a All-Inclusive resort, which is almost the norm in Varadero. I regret a little bit not going out enough to know the city more, but the beaches are amazing and you really just want to relax and enjoy the view.

Our hotel’s beach


The view from the ocean

The hotel included all the non-motorized water sports and we took a little bicycle-boat for a ride ;). The water was nice and warm and I could just live there forever. At night they had a different themed buffet and the first night was Mexican. Felt like home.

You could also choose to visit one of the A la carte restaurants, which we did, and I had a lobster. Now, let me tell you, that if you stay for more than 4 nights at an all-inclusive hotel, you might get tired of the food, and want something new. I don’t think this applies to every all-inclusive though, but we decided to go somewhere else 2 nights.

Dinner in the city

Our taxi in Varadero

We also decided to take a tour to a nearby island called Cayo Blanco on a catamaran.


We stopped for a dolphin kiss on our way to Cayo Blanco

And then we finally arrived to Cayo Blanco, to the whitest sand and bluest water ever! Look so nice and inviting. If you can, you should definitely visit (or stay!) at one of the many “Cayos” in Cuba. Will most def do it next time I visit.

Around lunch time, as if showing off, about 6-7 dolphins just passed jumping and making our day even better.

One thing that I can’t show in the pictures, even if I really wish I could is the ambiance. This trip just made me wanna dance everywhere we went. They have the best music everywhere, I got to know Gente de Zona, Osmani Garcia and more, before they got popular everywhere, which it was great because now every time I listen to them, it takes me right back to this awesome trip! Don’t you love when that happens?

There was one thing I HAD TO DO before leaving Cuba and that was Scuba Diving. My boyfriend has an advanced certificate and he really wanted me to experience diving, he knows I love all kind of animals and different experiences so he figured I would love diving.

The resort had a diving shop, very convenient, and you could get the lessons in the hotel’s pool. So for this time I decided to do a “discovery dive” this means that you take a 1 day crash course at the pool, with the basics of diving and the next day you are out to dive for real, with the diving instructor taking care of you of course. So you don’t get certified but you can see if you like it and if diving will be something for you, before investing in the whole certifying process.

Oh my god, it was AWESOME. I felt completely calm and in my element. The instructor (who, by the way, was amazing!) was very surprised of how good I was. Of course my buoyancy was crap but the dive was easy and very enjoyable. We even spotted a sea horse, which apparently are very hard to spot, the instructor told me they mean good luck, and I was off to a good start in my diving life.

Hello little one!

And with that we left Cuba. It left such a warm feeling in my heart. I would like everyone to go there and experience this magical country which is so very different from the rest of the world. Cubans are the nicest people, always smiling. The food is not best in my opinion (I’m sorry! maybe we went to the wrong places!), but you can always have one mojito or two and forget about it. Beaches are beautiful, the music will keep you happy every second of your stay. You will even forget how expensive the Wi-Fi is. Definitely going back in a near future! <3


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