Spring in Sweden

Spring in Sweden

After a very hard (as usual) winter, spring finally came… kind of. I will not write a post about winter this years because I didn’t do ANYTHING. Winter, for me, starts when I need to go down to the basement to take out my very big and thick jacket that I usually use when the termometer hits 5 degrees or less, and that usually happens already in November. This year I lost 3 winter weeks because I went to Mexico to visit my family, but when I came back, winter was here, waiting for me. In Malmö doesn’t snow that often, so winter is not even fun! There’s just some kind of slush that makes everything muddy and it freezes during the night, so when you wake up the city is a big ice rink. It sounds fun, but it is not.

The only day I remember it snowed this year was some day in February, and after all the dark and cold days, the dry skin, the rain and slush, I decided this day I was going to join the enemy instead of fighting it and went out to play in the snow a little bit. It wasn’t so bad.

And then without really expecting it you start noticing certain signs that spring is its way. Days begin to last longer, the temperature hasn’t been minus zero for a few days, and sometimes it gets warm while riding your bike with a very thick jacket. And so, one day while riding my bike I saw the first spring sign: flowers blossoming, and I was the happiest.

The change of temperature influences a lot in the mood of the Swedes too, they all seem to leave their state of hibernation with a big smile on their face. You see many people warming up under the sun, and even eating ice cream. The many cafes of this city fill up and begin to take their tables out in the sun.


There are sunny days when you NEED to go out and enjoy the sun because it is likely that the next day it will start to rain and to be cold again.

During those sunny days I take the opportunity to go out and take photos of my favorite spots of the city.

This year I even bought a very spring/summer basket for my bike to be in tune with the weather.

My favorite part of spring are the cherry blossoms. I can’t get enough of them!

This year I went to Stockholm where they are so pretty at Kungsträdgården and in Copenhagen I found them by chance at Christianshavn.

So yes, out to enjoy all  the sun while it is shining and the cherry trees while they are in all their splendor …. because the weather is very bipolar around here and you have to take advantage!

Happy sunny days!


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