PERU: Puno & Cusco

PERU: Puno & Cusco

After we crossed the border Bolivia-Peru without any problems, we arrived to Puno. Puno shares the Lake Titicaca and has their own very peculiar island: the islands of Uros. Their uniqueness is due to their construction. They have been created entirely with the buoyant totora reeds that grown abundantly in the shallows of the lake.


The lives of the Uros people are interwoven with these reeds. Partially edible (tasting like nonsweet sugarcane), the reeds are also used to build homes, boats and crafts. The islands are constructed from many layers of the totora, which are constantly replenished from the top as they rot from the bottom, so the ground is always soft and springy. (Lonely Planet)

We stayed there until sunset and went back to Puno, where we stayed just one night, and ate at an amazing pizzeria! It’s called Pizza e Pasta and I loved how it was full of locals instead of too many tourists, which meant cheap pizzas and amazing service.

The next day we took the InkaExpress from Puno to Cusco. The trip takes about 7 hours, so you may as well enjoy the scenery and all the little towns and villages in between.

It leaves at 6:50 from Puno and takes you through different towns and museums, and it also includes a stop in a restaurant where you have a lunch buffet. Overall, it was a great way to takes us from Puno to Cusco, where we arrived at around 17:00.




I wasn’t really expecting a lot from Cusco, for us it was only a stop to rest before the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, so I was positively surprised. Cusco is a beautiful town with a lot of charm, no doubt brought from all the travellers, backpackers and expats who are there to explore the lost Inca city. It’s full of charming cafes and restaurants, a lot of artsy shops but it also has a lot of that colonial style architecture mixed with prehistorical ruins and a lot of culture. I loved it.

So far Peru had proved to awesome, and we were just getting started. We stayed at Cusco 2 nights preparing physically and mentally to our great Machu Picchu adventure, but we also managed to do some adventurous stuff like rafting and zip-linning. Cuzco so much to offer!


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