Let’s give it a try…

Let’s give it a try…

So basically having a blog it has been a crazy dream of mine. I have always thought it is a little bit too narcissistic to believe anyone would care about your life or whatever you have to say. BUT, when it has a PURPOSE it sure doesn’t feel that way.

I’m writing to you from the comfort of my apartment on a typical Swedish summer day. It was raining in the morning, pretty cold for being “summer” (who am I kidding? Summer was over 2 weeks ago) but now it’s sunny but still cold.

Two weeks ago I turned 25. The big 2-5. That age when I feel I am too old to be doing this blog, too old to even dye my hair a crazy color, but too young to give up my dreams a being a complete adult.

Life in Sweden hasn’t been easy. The language has been a pain in the ass since I moved permanently and decided English wasn’t good enough anymore. The weather is so depressing it’s not even funny. I am too far away from all my family and childhood friends. I am too far away from MEXICAN FOOD.

So you are free to call me crazy when I say that I love Sweden. I love it for many reasons that I might write a whole entry about it.

One of the reasons that I like the most about living in Europe is that it’s in the middle of the world and that makes it easy to travel either to America or Asia and of course cheaper to discover all the amazing places in Europe in weekend trips.

Since I got the amazing opportunity 4 years ago to come to Europe for the first time as an exchange student, I’ve been lucky enough to travel non stop to a lot of amazing places, and reading blogs and personal experiences has helped a lot during the researching time of certain place. So now I also want to contribute to this amazing network by writing about both traveling and life as a Mexican expat in Sweden. I hope you find something helpful so we both get something out of this!



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